The Pros and Cons of Vladimir Putin”s Speech and Rashid Tlaib’s Remark on the Current State of the World, aka Jewish Supremacist War on Russia and Palestinians/Arabs, by Jung-Freud

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Some time ago, Vladimir Putin delivered an important speech to the Russian nation(though ignored by the Jewish-ruled West as expected) while the US Congresswoman Rashid Tlaid ruffled some feathers by appealing to the supposedly progressive wing of the Democratic Party, i.e. its values stand at odds with Israeli Apartheid. More than in previous speeches, Putin went further to detail Russia’s conflict with the Collective West(which should be called Schwest as it’s Jewish-supremacist-dominated), all but concluding that Russia can no longer hope to negotiate or compromise with what is now an Anti-Civilization given to Satanism; and Tlaib, the first Palestinian-American voice in the national government, went further than any US politician, Republican, Democratic, or Independent, in exposing the hypocrisy of American Politics, especially Democratic, that spouts forth about equal justice and ‘anti-racism’ while turning a blind eye to what is nakedly Jewish-Supremacist tyranny in Israel and West Bank, formerly Palestine. (Plenty of fellow Democrats piled on her for ‘antisemitism’; they framed her criticism as denying the right of Israel to exist without ever noting that the Zionist Colonization erased Palestine off the map, i.e. the existence of Israel rests on the eradication of Palestine. Apparently, while Israel has some God-given right to exist, Palestine doesn’t. Jews have often and willfully misquoted the Iranian government as having threatened to wipe Israel off the map, but it was the Zionists who erased Palestine with the full backing of the US. Just when Jewish Americans were doing their utmost to end racial discrimination in the US in the 50s and 60s, they were doing most to ensure that White America support the Zionist imperialist and colonization project against Palestinians and other Arabs. Intentionally or not, Jewish virtue-signaling on the one served to mask their vice-indulging on the other. Given the current Jewish globalist agenda, it appears Jews weren’t merely content with easing or ending racial discrimination in the US but pushing what amounts to White Nakba for Anglosphere and Europe. It wasn’t enough that white racial privileges ended in the US and the West in general; rather, whites are compelled to welcome the Great Replacement by nonwhites just like Palestinians were bamboozled into accepting continuous waves of Jewish immigration, sadly with the collaboration of Palestinian landowner elites who had much to gain financially from the back-dealing. Just like white elites will happily stab white masses in the back to get ‘what is mine’, Palestinian land-owners did much the same, selling large tracts to Jewish colonists with no consideration for the Arab masses. But then, it’s much worse in the current West because so many white people themselves have been mentally colonized to welcome and celebrate their own replacement; at the very least, the Palestinian people knew that endless Jewish Immigration was going to be disastrous. Not many ordinary Arabs were holding up signs saying “Welcome Jewish Migrants” or speechifying about how it is good and necessary that Arabs be reduced to a minority in Palestine.)

Putin’s speech was the most ‘epic’ he ever gave. Prior to the Ukraine War(which is really a Judeo-Russo War), the Russians had always been accommodating and conciliatory, addressing Americans and Europeans as ‘our partners’ or ‘friends’. And even when Putin spoke of the need for national sovereignty and the end of Western Aggression(especially in the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia), he discussed the issue as a matter of diplomacy. He characterized the West as misguided or delusional, not evil, demented, and satanic. In contrast, Putin’s latest declaration was more ominous-sounding than Ronald Reagan’s denunciation of the Soviet Union as the Evil Empire. If Reagan, a clueless politician without clear understanding of anything, was just reading from the Cold War script, Putin’s speech exposed some dark and discomfiting truths about the current state of the world, something other national leaders share as well but dared not say(out of fear of the Jewish-run US). Previously, even Russia had sidestepped the evil trajectory of the West, preferring negotiation and compromise over war, hot and cold. But any real negotiation was impossible since 2014 when the Schwest pulled off the Maidan Coup and even recruited Sub-Nazi lunatics, much like how Israel coordinates with Alqaeda remnants to torment Syria to no end. With the Schwest using Ukraine as a giant dildo to peg Russia in the arse, Putin understood it was time to finally throw down the gauntlet and spell out what is really what.

He came close but, alas, failed to mention the most important factor, which is Jewish Supremacism. Jews go Russia-Russia-Russia-Russia, but Russia, even at this crucial juncture, dare not say ‘Jew’ even once. It shows that Jewish Power isn’t only about control of finance and military but about souls. The West, including key elements in Russia, is so taken with the myth of Jewish Holiness(much of it associated with Shoah Narrative) that, even at this time of ‘existential’ crisis, Putin and other prominent Russians fear the backlash from naming the Jewish Power.

In the current West, most whites dare not struggle for white identity, interests, and independence, but many are willing to fight to the death over Jewish pride and power. It’s like what Nancy Pelosi said: Even if Congress burns down to the ground, the US will be there for Israel and Jews. (GOP’s message seems to be even more pitiful, i.e. even if Jews urinate and take a big dump on so-called conservatives, the latter will play dog and horse for Jewish Power.) In 2020, the Jewish-controlled US government hailed the BLM and Antifa mobs to burn and loot the D.C. area to flatter black rage narcissism and to belittle Donald ‘Cuck’ Trump. Then, it’s hardly surprising that the White West won’t fight for the White West but go into total war mode, even nuclear Armageddon mode, for the Jews, its master.

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On some level, Putin seems to understand this. Relations have utterly deteriorated between the West and Russia, and it’s about time Russia regarded the West as an implacable enemy(at least as long as Jews control it). If Jewish Power isn’t named, Jews will go on using the West to torment Russia. But if Jewish Power is named, Jews may go into full panic mode and engineer a total war, even World War III, against Russia, lest white people do indeed mull over the idea that Jews do indeed control the West. While the Russian rebuke of Europeans and the Collective West may upset some whites, the mostly cucky-wuck whites, ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’, can’t get very worked up about such things as they’ve been mentally colonized to believe that Western Whites aren’t deserving of pride and glory to begin with. After all, bashing the West has become a daily ritual in the West itself. In the UK, statues of historical figures have been torn down by blacks and cucky whites alike. In the American South, Jews order cuck politicians to order Southern White Men to bring down Confederate statues, and there is hardly any murmur of resistance, let alone show of action, among white Southerners.

As the national instinct has been suppressed among whites, they can find such tribal jollies only by cheering for the Favored Groups, especially Jews, Homos, and Blacks. Attacking the West won’t inflame Western rage, but speaking ill of Jews, homos, and blacks will. Plenty of white Westerners who shrug off Putin’s condemnation of Western Imperialism and Greed will seethe with rage over any remark about the Sacred Semites or Holy Homos. Indeed, so much of anti-Russian rage in the West owes to Russia’s policy on globo-homo nuttery. So many Westerners, especially elites and ‘statusites'(status-parasites), have been ‘converted’ to homo-anus-worship and predictably reacted to Russian policy with the passion of crusaders. But even holier than homos(and trannies) are the Jews. Even at this late date, Putin fears that, if Jewish Power were named, Jews will unleash 100% than merely 90% of their rabid and virulent fury at Russia and, furthermore, whites in the West will call for World War III because these cucky-wucks hold Jews higher than anything else. Plenty of whites who turn a blind eye to blacks robbing, raping, and murdering white people will go into nuclear Armageddon mode over ‘muh Jews’ or ‘muh Israel’.

As for Rashid Tlaib, she did name the Jewish Power, at least pertaining to Palestine. Her case shows the power of identity vs ideology. While plenty of Democrats claim to be ideologically committed to ‘equality’ and may privately sympathize with Palestinians somewhat, it’s not something they’re going to lose sleep over. Because they themselves aren’t Palestinian, it’s not a personal or tribal matter, only a political one, which is mainly about calculations and compromises? For Tlaib, it’s far more than a political matter because she’s a Palestinian and emotionally wedded to her people and the Nakba Narrative. It’s not a pet cause but the heart and soul of what she and her kind are about. But as the lone Palestinian and one of the handful of Arab politicians in Congress, her personal commitment is swamped by the political considerations of other Democrats for whom the Israeli-Palestinian issue is either purely a political issue or part of the Holy Holocaust Jew Narrative. Upon cold calculation, Democrats know that Jews control the media, Wall Street, law firms & courts, academia, deep state, and just about all else; Jews also provide something close to 65% of all funds to the Democrats. So naturally, most Democratic politicians, as whores of Congress-as-big-brothel, side with Jews against Tlaib.

Furthermore, Jews not only spread the cash around and use blackmail via lawfare and media power but have used their reach and influence in education and entertainment to instill countless American minds, high-middle-low, that Jews are the most tragic people, a race of Anne Franks, and that the creation of Israel was just compensation for the Holocaust. Thus, Arabs are the New Nazis, and America must stand with the Anne Frank Nation against all the New camel-jockey Hitlers all over the Middle East and North Africa. Given the reality of US power and politics, Tlaib was bound to be shot down from all sides. Most Democrats not only failed to come to her aid but excoriated her for denying the right of Israel to exist. Of course, no one mentioned that the very creation of Israel was predicated on Palestine having no right to exist. Still, she must be credited with having said what needed to be said and having exposed the utter hypocrisy of the so-called ‘progressive’ movement that has been totally co-opted and corrupted by Jewish Power, which is actually ultra-rightist-supremacist but larps as liberal-leftist to own and control ‘progressivism’ to Jewish Supremacist ends.

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Putin named the Satanic West but not the Jewish Power behind it. Tlaib mentioned Jewish Power but not its complete hold over her party of Democrats, rendering US progressivism utterly useless. (Indeed, what goes by ‘progressivism’ boils down to rich Jews, affluent whites, and snotty yellow dogs blaming middle class and working class whites for the problems of inequality and injustice, i.e. the top and the upper middle blaming the lower middle for the failings of the bottom.) Tlaib pleaded with a segment of the Democratic Party that the current support for Israeli Apartheid runs counter to Progressivism, but in truth, ‘progressivism’ in current reiteration has been tailored for Jewish Supremacism, and wittingly or not, she has participated in this madness, not least by endorsing the Jewish Supremacist Grand Plan in Ukraine against Russia. Besides, Globo-Homo and Tranny-Spanny, which now feature so prominently among current ‘progressives’, can only be pro-Zionist because most homos and trannies are vain and narcissistic, favoring winners over losers. Naturally, homos and trannies are happily allied with winner-Jews against loser-Arabs. And as Jews flatter, favor, and fete homos and trannies all over the world, it’s no wonder ‘progressives’ look favorably upon Israel with its massive homo ‘pride’ festivals funded by Global Capital, whereas Arabs and Muslims are still regarded as ‘homophobic’. Homos and trannies are like Jews and blacks in this regard: Supremely self-centered and narcissistic, their idea of good-vs-evil boils down to “Is it dandy for homos?”, not unlike Jews fixating on “Is it good for Jews?” and blacks on, “What be in it for me?” Jews, with all their power and money, not only bought off the homos but elevated them to angel-saint status. So, why would a ‘progressive’ movement centered on homo celebration choose Arabs and Palestinians over Jews when globo-homo ‘pride’ and ‘glory’ are the product of Jewish marketing and propaganda? Globo-Homo isn’t about equal rights for homos as individuals but special status of superiority, even sanctity, for for the toot community. It’s not about equality but elitism. Same goes for BLM. It’s not about equal justice for blacks but special consideration and treatment for blacks: Always make excuses for black failures and problems; always look the other way while blacks rob, rape, and murder. Surely, Tlaib is fully aware that many Arab-American businessmen in the Detroit area were looted and attacked during the George Floyd riots. Why was such a big stink made over the ghastly Negro George Floyd when there have been many more nonblack victims of black savagery? It was because Jews use blacks as their cossacks(and use Antifa white morons as their Janissary) against White America, and Jews don’t care if the ensuing pogroms lay waste to Arab, Asian, and Brown properties as well.

So, if current ‘progressivism’ is understood correctly, it’s not about equality, or holding all groups to the same standards. Rather, it’s about special consideration and treatment for certain groups on the bogus grounds that they either suffered more than other groups and/or deserve more attention, even reverence, for their holy, wondrous, or ‘special’ qualities. So, using George Floyd as justification, blacks have the license to steal and kill not only whites but browns, yellows, Muslims/Arabs, and etc. Blacks are cast as the stars of the narrative, with others relegated to the status of extras. Then, BLM and Globo-Homo(or LGBTQXYZ) aren’t progressive in the classic sense(of struggling for equal justice for all) and only favors certain groups over others, granting them special license to wage war, physical or cultural, on norms of sanity, decency, and reality. Just like Jews, based on the Holy Holocaust Narrative, always get to pose as a bunch of Anne Franks even as they act like New Hitlers allied with Sub-Nazis in Ukraine.

As currently construed, ‘progressive values’ are subservient to Jewish Supremacism and Zionist Apartheid. (The most shameful unspoken understanding between the so-called ‘left’ and the so-called ‘right’ that both sides are utterly gutless and spineless in the face of Jewish Power.) Consider the official logic: Jews as the Holy Holocaust people are always right no matter what they do to Palestinians, whereas Palestinians are a bunch of ‘anti-semites’ for opposing the holy Jewish agenda. Thus, Jews are above the law. Consider Jonathan Pollard and a bunch of other venal Jews pardoned by cuck presidents of both parties. Consider how Jewish gangster-operatives were able to take out Jeffery Epstein lest he talk; there was hardly any investigation as to what really happened.

Just as Jews are above the law on a global scale, blacks are above the law on the street level. As allies of Jews, they have special license to run riot to rob, rape, and murder. And apart from Jews and blacks, the only group that gets any love from the ‘progressive’ movement are the homos. Tlaib should ask why an entire month is devoted to celebrating Arabs and Muslims, whereby all US institutions from schools to libraries to government buildings fly Palestinian flags and recommend books by Yasir Arafat, Edward Said, and other prominent Palestinian figures. Why should homos get special treatment? Why must even non-homo issues be laundered through homo sanctity and symbolism to gain cred among so-called ‘progressives’? And why are Arab-Americans trying to win plaudits by endorsing globo-homo when most homos and trannies are totally aligned with Jewish Supremacism and Zionist Imperialism?

Instead of arguing that Zionism or Jewish Supremacism is at odds with progressive principles, Tlaib would have hit closer to the mark if she’s said current ‘Progressivism’ has been manufactured to serve as a vehicle for Tri-Idolatry or Tridolatry of Jews, Blacks, and Homos and no other group. Sure, the ‘progressive’ movement will give nods to certain groups for political expediency, like when it raised a fuss about Muslims-as-American-as-Apple-Pie when Donald Trump was accused of implementing a ‘Muslim Travel Ban’, but those are come-and-go antics, not permanent fixtures in the current Prog-Firmament as arranged by Jewish Power. After all, most ‘progressives’ had zero concern for Obama regime’s utter devastation of Libya and Syria. If indeed these people really care about the lives of innocents, why have they been perfectly fine with the US occupying one-third of Syria and supporting terrorist groups? Most ‘progressives’ are as phony as most ‘conservatives’. They lack agency, and their conceit-faking-as-conscience merely parrots the party line handed down from Jewish Power above.

Now, one of the problems of understanding Jewish Power, especially over the lone superpower, owes to its strangeness. Indeed, one wonders if there was anything like it in history. Just about all great powers were based on military conquest and dominance. The conquering power won the right to rule and dictate. Such power was naked to the eye, out in the open for all to see. (One could argue that Leon Trotsky, as the head of the Red Army, did secure power for the Soviets by military means, and that surely accounts for Jewish admiration for him regardless of ideology. Better-informed people will argue that Trotsky was ignorant about military affairs, and it was really the goy generals under him who created the Red Army, but Trotsky was still the official head, and the Reds won. As for whites and blacks, what accounts for black triumphalism? Even though blacks didn’t militarily defeat whites, blacks conquered whites in the sports arena, the modern gladiatorial ring of athlete-warriors. The endless sights of Negro athletic prowess pummeling white men into the dirt led to the ‘psycuckology’ of the pussification of the white male into ‘fa**otyass white boys’. To the extent that so much of national and racial confrontation is fought in the sporting fields and rings, it could be said black men defeated the white man and took over as the alpha male of the West. In that sense, whites are a conquered race that cheers for blacks who beat up white guys and hump white girls.)

Military conquest and domination are like a fist in your face or a boot on your head. You can’t wish it away, and there are clear winners and losers, like in a sports game where one side wins, the other loses. Roman domination was based on the Roman means to smash and subjugate other peoples. And before the Romans, the Persian and Greco-Macedonian empires were based on military prowess and triumph. Who was going to argue with an army of 100,000s that could wipe out your village. The Muslims, the Mongol hordes, and the Mughal Empire also came to prominence through military conquests. Turks gained control of Anatolia and much else as fierce warriors. And the Spanish, French, and Anglos were great explorers, adventurers, and conquerors. They proved their mettle in the seas and lands by vanquishing rivals. And the French Republic, soon to become the French Empire, made itself known as the dominant military power in Europe. And the American Republic, also to grow into an empire, was founded by military victory(against the British Empire, though with crucial support from the French Empire) and conquest over the indigenous tribes. The Japanese Empire, though short-lived, was also based on military aggression. Anglo/European claims on Canada, United States, and Australia followed in the footsteps of history. Anglos were the indisputable conquerors and expellers/eliminators of the natives. Good or bad, Anglos were the clear winners.

So, it only seemed natural that the US would be essentially an Anglo-American country, and newcomers would assimilate to Anglo norms and become Anglo-Americanized. And they would acknowledge and respect Anglos as the founders and rightful leaders of the civilization. And, when the British Empire ruled over various nonwhite folks, it made its superior military power known. The Mughals didn’t volunteer to cede India to the British. The Chinese didn’t allow the British access to the ports just because. Before black African tribes submitted to British rule, some had to be shot as a lesson to teach who’s the new boss in town. The case of Palestine-into-Israel also conformed to the historical norm. Jews won militarily and took the land by force when war finally broke out between the Arabs and Jewish settlers. But Jewish takeover of America is indeed something strange and possibly unique in history. Jews certainly didn’t conquer America militarily, and yet they became the rulers with an iron grip even tighter than the Anglos ever held. How did this happen? (Furthermore, it’s an undeclared power, a power more akin to a black hole than the sun. When Stalin ruled the Soviet Union, he made it known he was boss. Same with Mao’s grip on China and Hitler’s reign in Germany. It’s well-known Turks rule Turkey. And for most of US history, Anglo-American elites ruled America, and everyone knew and discussed it, Anglo and non-Anglo alike. It’s well-known that EU, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea are puppets of the US. But when it comes to who rules the US, we must pretend it’s turd-brains like George W. Bush or Joe Biden, or some ideology such as ‘conservatism’ or ‘diversity, or the power of money or greed. The fact of Jewish Domination remains hid within the black hole of US power dynamics. It is the most powerful force that sucks everything in but dares not declare itself and, if anything, excoriates anyone, especially via ADL, for noticing that Jews are indeed the masters. So much power in the dark… it’s a form of cryptocracy on steroids.)

There was certainly a distinct Jewish worldview and ethno-personality that could be traced back to ancient times, one that may explain at least in part the nature of their power in our time. Jews were odd and different even back then and deviated from the political norms of the period. Jews were a minor power in military terms, usually overshadowed and overwhelmed by much bigger powers. At best, Jews sought to co-exist or survive in a contentious neighborhood with great powers vying for domination. Most minor powers thought and behaved normally under such circumstances, which was to acknowledge and submit to the bigger power as the awesome lord of the universe. While Jews were pragmatic enough to show respect to the greater power(s), if only to survive, they always felt themselves to be the greatest power of all destined to rule the world because of the Covenant with the one and only true God. So while other powers might be bigger and stronger, it was a temporal than an eternal matter as far as Jews were concerned, i.e. God or History would eventually put the world to right, and Jews would finally be on top and for all eternity; in a way, Karl Marx’s dialectic on class struggle may have been subconsciously inspired by the profound Jewish sense of historical and spiritual dialectic between the Chosen and the Filthy Goyim. Of course, as Marx had it, the proletariat would inherit the earth for all eternity once the dialectic played itself out. Jews like Jennifer Rubin, Max Boot, Chuck Schumer, Merrick Garland, Janet Yellen, William Kristol, Antony Blinken, Victoria Nuland, and etc. — ever notice Jewish ‘neolibs’ and Jewish ‘neocons’ are merely two sides of the same tribal coin? — believe the Jewish Tribesmen are the rightful eternal masters of all the world. No other conclusion can explain the crazy logic of Jewish Globalist Supremacist behavior. So many tensions involving the US, Russia, the Middle East, China, and etc. boil down to the dialectics between Jewish Supremacism and goy sovereignty. What clouds the issue is the strange partnership between whites and Jews in the globalist enterprise. Whites value globalism as a means of white deracination, whereupon their race will merge and be interchangeable with the rest of humanity, whereas Jews value globalism as a means of Jewish hegemonism, whereby Jews shall lord over all nations, not only through the power of finance and military power(managed by whites) but through the proxies of globo-homo and Negrolatry. Precisely because whites are committed to deracination, globalism has the veneer of ‘progressivism’ to reduce and eventually eradicate atavistic tribalism and ‘racism’ all over the world, when, in truth, Jews have deracinated whites only to make them serve Jewish tribal supremacism instead of their own.

Indeed, it’s telling that Jews tend to see the World and History in terms of Jews and Gentiles, which is rather odd since Jews constitute only a small fraction of the world population. It was somewhat understandable that the Chinese divided the world in terms of themselves as members of the Middle Kingdom and the Barbarians. After all, the Chinese Empire was huge and the most populous in the world. Even after the great tragedies of the 19th and 20th century, China constituted one-fourth of the world population. But Jews were always a relatively a tiny group, so the notion of dividing the world between Jews and Gentiles(meaning everyone else) was rather chutzpaistic. The Ancient Greeks were a proud(and sometimes arrogant lot) and prone to looking down on barbarians, but they still had high regard for the Persians, Egyptians, and other great civilizations. They gave others their due and even superiority in certain regards. Besides, Greeks also became great conquerors and, under the helm of Alexander the Great, even steamrolled over the seemingly insurmountable Persian Empire. So, one could forgive the Greeks for their overt self-regard.

In contrast, Jews never amounted to a great power in the ancient world. Their greatest king, David, beat up mostly third-rate tribes and barely clung to power when one of his sons began to act like Adam Sandler. So, the idea of dividing the world between Jews and Gentiles seems, on some level, not unlike the Uzbeks dividing the world between themselves and non-Uzbeks, i.e. Uzbeks are SO SPECIAL that they constitute a universe unto themselves whereas the rest of humanity are to be lumped into the generic category of Unuzbek. Uzbek contra Unuzbeks, who would be 99.99% of humanity. This is why the notion of ‘Jews and Gentiles’ sounds ridiculous. Who speaks of, say, ‘Norwegian-Americans and non-Norwegian Americans(which would include everyone else)’? We speak of Irish-Americans, Italian-Americans, Swedish-Americans, Polish-Americans, Mexican-Americans, etc. among whom Norwegian-Americans constitute one ethnic group. It’s only with Jews that there’s a sense of uniqueness so great and awesome that it distinguishes them from all other groups that are lumped together into the category of ‘gentiles’ that includes Wasps, beaners, Polacks, Negroes, yellows, Muslims, Hindus, Hawaiians, Amish, Mormons, and etc. If any group should have such a vaunted place in America, it’s the Anglo-Americans as the conquerors, settlers, founders, and primary developers of the country, but they too are lumped into the ‘gentile’ category while Jews stand apart(and above) as the Special People. Interestingly, there’s also the division of people into ‘straight’ and ‘gay’, even though homos are a small percentage of the population. It’s as if homos, instead of being regarded as a deviant sexual minority, make up fully one-half of sexual reality-identity. The 2% is treated as the 50%, just like trannies, though even a smaller fraction of the population than the homos, are given equal voice and standing when it comes to matters of womanhood and femaleness. Jews-and-Gentiles, Homos-and-Straights, Trannies-and-Women. See a pattern? Indeed, homos, trannies, and related deviants are considered so special that they are divided into special sub-identities such as ‘gay’, ‘lesbian’, ‘bi-sexual’, ‘trans-gender’, ‘queer’, and more pubic-hair-splitting categories. It’s as if straightness is just so boring and generic and comes only in one variety, whereas LGBTQXYZ identity is so magical that, despite its minority status, it spawns endless variations, such as the 50+ offered by Jewish-run Facebook.

How can the majority lose to the minority? It depends on the size of the mouth. Big Think swallows up little think, and certain groups have developed the power of will, intensity, and the drive to conquer & command. If a fish tank has a thousand minnows and one perch, the minnows far outnumber the perch, but the perch has the bigger mouth and will swallow all the minnows one by one. If the minnows all come together and cooperate in attacking the perch, the perch will lose. But minnows aren’t programmed to fight together, and each minnow merely flees to save itself. So, the perch, with the bigger mouth, dominates them all despite its minority status. It devours or scatters them. Whites have small-mouth brains in their currently atomized state, whereas Jews and Homos have big-mouth brains. So, even as minorities, they dominate the majority, just like a single perch can dominate a thousand minnows in a fish tank. A tiny minority of trannies dictating to women what femininity is about is indeed a sight to behold, ghastly to be sure but fascinating. All those minnow women groveling at the feet of perch trannies like minnow whites sucking up to perch Jews.

Jewish Power in our times is something unique or almost unique in history. The idea of a people gaining mastery over the world through non-military means. When else did that happen? Perhaps, the only comparable case is the rise of Christianity. The early Christians, composed of heretical Jews and converts among non-Jews, certainly had no means to militarily conquer the Romans, then the rulers of much of the known civilized world. The Arab Muslims later came to dominate much of the Middle East and North Africa through military might. While Christians later did spread the faith at the tip of the spear or point of the gun, the early Christians couldn’t conceive of taking over the Roman Empire militarily. But they did take over the empire by conquering it spiritually and conceptually. The Empire of proud warrior pagans chose to bow down to the New Faith and, in time, waged a massive culture war on their indigenous and/or traditional pagan beliefs, customs, and rituals. Surely, Jews throughout history, even in their bottomless hatred for Christianity, realized something remarkable about the Christian spiritual conquest of the Romans. The seemingly invincible empire that mercilessly laid waste to the Old Jewish Order folded under the spiritual power of some Jewish ‘loser’ who got nailed to the cross.

Granted, even as Christianity conquered Rome, it was the Romans themselves who kept the power. It wasn’t as if Romans surrendered their power to a band of ragtag Christians but merely converted to the Faith as their own and joined in the Christian brotherhood. In some ways, it also complemented their imperial mission because, finally, the Romans could not only conquer but convert other peoples. Render them both materially and spiritually of the empire. Christianity managed to conquer Rome spiritually(or quasi-ideologically) than militarily, but the actual power was still held by the Romans, now converted to the New Faith. When the Roman domain finally collapsed and fell into other hands, it was due to warrior conquests by the Germanic barbarians(in keeping with historical norms).

Of course, Jewish Americans(and other elite members of World Jewry) could argue that they hold power and wield influence not as Jews but as citizens of the American Way, Democracy, Liberalism, Rules-Based-Order, Western Values, Diversity-Inclusion-Equity, and etc. In other words, their Jewishness is incidental or secondary, something they just happen to be than something that guides their agendas and policies, i.e. they are Good Americans who simply happen to be Jewish than Jewish Identitarians whose mission is to keep America and the West behind the Zion Curtain. While such could theoretically be possible — Jewish elites ruling for the good of all peoples in the West — , hard evidence says otherwise. First, too many prominent Jews make a BIG DEAL of their Jewishness and Jewish History, always reminding fellow Jews and goyim that their worldview and values are steeped in Jewishness(as having only positive and zero negative values).

Furthermore, if Jews are indeed All-American in the public sphere and Jewish only in the personal sphere, why do they work to suppress BDS and pressure the US to support the Zionist Imperialist-Supremacist agenda in the Middle East? Why is their ancient/tribal hatred/contempt for the Slavic peoples, especially Russians, so central to the current Western and American foreign policy? Why do they use influences(of the most nefarious sort) to get the worst kind of Jewish crooks pardoned by presidents, Democratic or Republican. If Jews are for the Good of All, they should be siding with good goyim against bad Jews and bad goyim. But Jews protect bad Jews and work with bad goyim who are more than willing to sell their own people down the river for more carrots and fewer sticks from Jews. Who really believes that people like Jake Tapper and Cass Sunstein are neutral rules-based journalists or academics who operate on the principle of the general good for all Americans? Has Tapper the journalist been fair-minded in his coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict? Is Sunstein critical of Jewish gangster-fascist tactics to silence, suppress, and destroy anyone at odds with the Agenda which is largely pro-Zionist and Jewish Supremacist? Of course not.

Jews couldn’t have used military means to take over the West, but they did become the new rulers, indisputable to any honest person. As Judaism isn’t conversionary, it’s not as if Anglos or other goyim became the New Jews, like how Romans became Christians. Rather, they became the cuck-maggot servant class of the Jews as the new masters. This is far more remarkable than the Christian spiritual conquest of the Roman Empire.

After all, the appeal of Christianity is that God loves all of humanity and that anybody, Jew or non-Jew, can be saved through the grace of Jesus Christ. It offered equal standing and dignity to all converts regardless of ethnicity. In contrast, Judaism is wary of prospective converts. It is an ethno-religion premised on Jewish specialness, even superiority over others. Some Jews take this to extremes and don’t even regard filthy goyim as human; goyim are regarded as beasts whose sole purpose is to serve Jews, God’s chosen master race or tribe. When Romans spiritually surrendered to Christianity, they had something to gain as well as lose. They lost their pagan traditions but gained redemption and salvation in the eyes of the True God. Furthermore, Christianity also elevated its converts and faithful above the Jews, the originators of the Faith, who were deemed lost to God because they not only rejected the Son of God but killed Him.

But, what’s been the point of surrendering power to the Jews in the US and current West? What do whites get from this? Jewishness is predicated on Jewish uniqueness, sacredness, and specialness. It’s not about Jews and humanity meeting halfway and respecting one another as equals; Jewishness means to be ABOVE humanity. It’s about the Jewish destiny of ruling over inferior goyim.

Now, playing devil’s advocate, perhaps Jews aren’t entirely wrong to feel this way because goyim sure can be stupid, albeit for different reasons. Take the Ukrainians and Anglo-Americans. As we all know, only a tiny share of the Ukrainian population is Jewish, but Jews run the whole place. And Ukrainians made Zelensky their president on the strength of his TV stardom as a fictional leader of the country who fights corruption – ROTFL. I mean even Americans, for all their retardation, wouldn’t mistake a show like WEST WING for reality. But Ukrainians bought the sham hook-line-and-sinker and made Zelensky their leader. Now, some may argue, whaddya expect, they are Ukrainians after all, descendants of semi-barbaric Cossacks who roamed the steppes shooting arrows at Tatars or plundering Polish caravans? A bunch of hillbilly Slavs good for nothing but guzzling vodka and arm-wrestling with fellow dimwits.

But, what about the Anglos in the UK and US? Unlike the lowly and backward Slavs, weren’t Anglos among the key creators of the modern world and the builders of some of the best managed societies on Earth? So, what’s their excuse for having become such tools of Jews? Indeed, how strange that the most thick-skulled & corrupt Ukrainian Slavs have so much in common with so many intelligent, successful, sophisticated, & best-educated Anglos in the UK and US. For all their apparent differences, both groups are such total cuck-maggot-monkey-dogs of Jewish Power. Both groups sit, fetch, and roll over at every Jewish command. What accounts for the same behavior between the two groups when there’s such a divergence in their respective histories, cultures, achievements, and standings? How can both the lowliest Slavs and the loftiest Anglos be such servile minions eager to carry the jock-straps of Jewish Power?

A demonstration that stupidity isn’t synonymous with dumb. One can be smart but plenty stupid, and one can be dumb and not-so-stupid(if possessed of core convictions and intuitively wary of charlatans). It could be Jews exploit Slavic dumb-stupidity and Anglo smart-stupidity. In the case of Russia and Ukraine following the end of the Cold War, clever Jews simply ran circles around Slavs who seemed so utterly confused, incompetent, and childlike. It was like a man taking control of animals. The level of stupidity and retardation among Ukrainian Slavs is truly legendary. How does a nation of so many Slavs allow itself to be leeched by obviously nasty Jews like Victoria Nuland and her cuck-whore gang? Why would any self-respecting people take cookies, like silly little children, from that fat-faced harridan? Of course, plenty of Ukrainians, easily manipulatable, thought they were being smart by leaning to the West deemed ‘advanced’, ‘sophisticated’, ‘cool’, and/or ‘liberal’; the Ukrainian variation of the Polish Disease. If striving Polacks aspire to belong to the West than to East(which includes Ukraine), West-leaning Ukrainians fancy themselves as Polish-like, as the fancier Slavs.

Ukrainians are especially easy to manipulate because their identity isn’t only unclear but divided. Divided between Western-leaning folks and Russia-leaning folks, Ukraine could never come together and function as one, a fact exploited by the West. Besides, Ukrainian identity and history make little sense without consideration of their deep and long interaction with Russia; indeed, there is no clear demarcation between Russian-ness and Ukrainian-ness, like there exists between Russia and Turkey or between Russia and China.

Because post-Cold-War Ukraine stressed(and strained) its own unique identity by denying and denigrating its profound connection to Russia, its ethnic sense of self grew weak, confused, shallow, and washed-out. It’s like Taiwan trying to invent a sense of Taiwan-ness separate from Core China and ending up with globo-homo garbage that now dominates the island colony as an insipid whore of Uncle Sam who bends over to Boss Semite to be rammed in the arse. Precisely because Kiev(or Kyiv) so desperately sought to create a unique sense of Ukrainian culture, it relied on Western advisors, Jews and cucks, whose answer for Ukraine was: “Real Ukraine is about Jungle Fever, ‘Gay’ Pride, TV shows with Zelensky as fictional hero, emulating the Polucks(Polish Cucks), and virulent hatred for all things Russian, even if it means taking up Sub-Nazi attitudes and expressions against Russo-Slavs.”

Only a people with total contempt for the Ukrainian people could foist such a trashy agenda on them. Yes, Jews despise Ukrainians as animals and children, but the majority of Ukrainians have fallen for the vicious agenda and see nothing wrong with shelling fellow Slavic civilian populations in the Donbass. Ever so eager to win plaudits from the West, they cackle hideously at the news of women and children torn to shreds in the towns and cities. But then, is it all that different in the US where so many white Americans, with hollowed-out identities and culture, find most meaning in ‘woke’ stupidities that elevate them as ‘good whites’ against all those ‘bad whites’ whose great sin is saying NO to White Nakba(aka the Great Replacement), black crime & thuggery, and Globo-Homo degeneracy; the ‘badder’ ones go so far as to Name the Jewish Power. People uprooted from a sense of race, history, culture, and community seek out new meanings and new sense of belonging. Lost and confused in their inability to find meaning and place on their own, they allow the powers-that-be to do it for them, and of course, Jews have control over the means, which are used to mold idols and narratives that steer whites to anti-white attitudes in favor of the globalist agenda(where goyim shall have no deep identities and cultures of their own but are compelled to support and fight for such among Jews and Israel).

Marx Brothers’ DUCK SOUP offers a clue as to what differentiates the dumb-stupid Slavs from the smart-stupid Anglos. The Slavs do notice but are too dumb to do anything about it; in contrast, Anglos pretend not to notice out of fear of losing their composure. The Slavs are like the lemonade seller who, to the best of his ability, tries to fend off Chico and Harpo but simply can’t because they run circles around him. He’s driven out of his wits.

In contrast, the Anglo-esque character surely sees Chico and Harpo acting totally ridiculous but pretends not to notice and carries on as business-as-usual to uphold his sense of form and manners. The Anglo culture of the lady and gentleman could be maintained inside the domain because of protection on the outside by brute force, which was the ‘dirty’ secret of the Anglo Order.

All that civility, manners, and dignified air could be maintained within the sanctum and polite society because there were those hired for the brutish enforcement of the law and/or order. There were three ways by which Jews could destroy this Anglo Order. One was to militarily destroy the protective outer ring, but Jews lacked military power. Another way was to convince the Anglo elites and strivers that their idea of civilization was a mere facade or rank hypocrisy AS LONG AS their power and privilege rested on the brute force of the military, police, and racial populism. In other words, the Anglo mind must justify itself without the racial and cultural unity with the white muscle, it must seek ethical consistency and redemption by either severing ties with the nationalist-populist force or by directing the force to ‘protect’ nonwhites from whites(though, of course, it never applies to protecting ‘brown’ Palestinians and Arabs from ‘white’ Jews). As Jews were smart and wealthy, they gained access to the institutions of academia and media that came to profoundly alter the outlooks and values of elite Anglo children. But what happens when a society of ladies and gentlemen is no longer protected by brute force from those below? It comes under the threat of nonwhite fist-shaking and cowers before it. Why? Because ladies and gents are all about maintaining ‘dignity’ and manners. Earlier, when nonwhites shook fists at them, they got their white brutes and ‘thugs’ to handle the nonwhite buggers while keeping their hands clean. But without white muscle to protect them, they need to take up the fight themselves but they are too lady-like and too gentlemanly to revert to warrior-barbarian mode. So, they end up ‘taking the knee’ and washing stinky Negro feet.

Another way Jews could break the bond between white mind and white muscle was by spreading excessive vulgarity among the hoi polloi. Thus, if past Anglo society was organized around the lower elements striving for middle class respectability and the middle class elements striving emulating their ‘betters’, the later white culture turned into a cesspool of reveling in vulgarity and giving the middle finger to their ‘betters’. The have-nots and have-lesses don’t have much but can still possess simple dignity and self-respect, both of which are lost with tattoos, piercings, and trashiness. Of course, at least in our time, given the utter corruption of the white elites, there is no longer any reason for white lowers to show any respect for white highers.

At any rate, a key reason for the demise of the white race is the severing of the race-ist bond between the white mind and the white muscle, between the white class and the white brass; and of course, the white penis and the white vagina, as Jewish media complex now instill young white minds that white vaginas now belong to black penises. When whites are most allergic to what secures their survival and power — white race-ism — while most beholden to the three strikes to White Civilization — Jewish Supremacist Mendacity, Negrolatry, and Globo-Homo degeneracy — , it’s seems nothing can save the White World unless there is a profound race-ist, sex-ist, and fascist reevaluation of what’s going on.

If Slavs are so crude and corrupt that they gave up on each other(in a low-trust society deficient in work ethic and individual conscience) and came to rely on Jews(and others), Anglos did manage to create and maintain a well-run and efficient society. Given that Slavs and Anglos are such diametric opposites, it is truly remarkable that Ukro-Slavs and Anglo-Americans ended up in more or less the same situation. But then, if Jews are anything, they are fluid and adaptable, taking full advantage of differing circumstances for maximum gain. Among Slavs, exploit the chaos and confusion, the ineptitude and distrust. Ukraine is said to be the most corrupt country in Europe, and Jews sure took full advantage of it, not least because Slavs are so lacking in trust for one another and even of oneself that they’d rather have the Other take control and lead.

In contrast, Anglos have proven themselves to be perfectly capable of running some of the least corrupt and most efficient societies, but such reality could be also taken advantage of by Jews. Well-run societies based on Rule of Law tend to pride themselves as favoring fair-minded and meritocratic principles over petty politics of personal interest, kinship, clannism, tribalism, and even nationalism; in other words, it’s an order based on abstract ideals that transcend ‘atavistic’ sentiments and loyalties. With their wit, intelligence, and drive, Jews were perfectly suited to take full advantage of the Anglo Order(no less than of Slavic Chaos) and gain success/power on the basis of those colorblind principles. Not only did Jews gain much via Anglo-made meritocracy but gained even more by shaming the Anglo Order for its failure to perfectly implement those principles on account of ‘racism’, ‘antisemitism’, and the like.

But as things turned out, even though Jews used relatively colorblind meritocracy to gain power, they then used their increased influence to ensure favoritism over others regardless of the stated principles of ‘justice’ or ‘liberty’. So, it has become de facto taboo to critique and expose abuses of Jewish Power in the manner that Jews had once shamed abuses of WASP power. And for all the mantras about ‘diversity-equality-inclusion’, it never means that the US media should be more ‘inclusive’ of pro-Palestinian, pro-Russian, and pro-Iranian voices; it never means US foreign policy should strive for equal justice for Jews and Palestinians; it never means the institutions and industries dominated by Jews should be diversified at the top to represent all identities and interests. Rather, it boils down to Jews working with homos to prop up blacks as idolatrous symbols of ‘social justice’ while Jews keep most of the wealth, privilege, and power for themselves.

In a way, one might say the crude and chaotic Slav, for all his stupidity, has a better chance against Jewish Power in the long run. Notions of dignity, manners, and good form matter far less in the Slavic World that takes for granted that the world is a corrupt place run by gangsters and thieves. So, when push comes to shove, Slavs might just lose it and use any means, however crude, brutish, and ethically dubious, to get what they want. They will turn ‘animal’ and get all bloody and muddy to get ‘what is mine’; or, they will act like gypsy thieves.

In contrast, the Anglo self-image simply cannot descend to the level of beasts at the expense of ‘reputation’; as the saying goes, plenty of whites would rather choose death than be called ‘racist’, oh no! Indeed, in DUCK SOUP, the crude and boorish lemonade seller still fares better than the Angloesque gentleman; he has no inhibitions about playing equally dirty and squirts lemonade down Harpo’s pants(whereas an Anglo gentleman would have serious reservations about stooping so low; it’s no wonder that ‘vulgar’ and ‘crude’ Russian Slavs have been more effective against Jewish Power; Russkies have fewer conceits and inhibitions). Anglo ideal was the gentleman, and a gentleman is nothing with propriety and form. After all, gentlemanly virtues aren’t simply about outward manners but a sense of virtue, a sense of honor and fair play. Jews understood this as the Achilles Heel of the Anglo psyche. If Jews could gain sufficient control of the discourse via the media, they could poke holes in the Anglo Myth of Fair Play. They could point to Anglo ‘racism’, ‘antisemitism’ and the like. Because of the Anglo conceit of gentlemanly virtues, Anglos couldn’t just say, “So what? You Hebes do the same shit, just like the Irish Micks and Italian Goombas.” No, Anglo elites as a collective just couldn’t go there and opted for two solutions to the Jewish assault: Work towards forming a fairer social order via meritocracy, which would lead to Jews winning over Anglos in brain-power & big balls and blacks winning over whites in brawn, beating white guys into a pulp. The other way was to flatter the smart and talented Jews as a special people. Thus fawning over Jews, the hope was the Tribe would stop nagging on whites and even join forces on grounds that Jews would be the favored minority and even the superior partner in the White-Jewish alliance. Or, it was a combination of both, as in the case of William F. Buckley who finally conceded that MLK was a great man, an American Giant, while also sucking up to Jews(especially on Middle East issues) in the hopes that Jews would identify mostly as white and dial back their hostility. Of course, Jews with their X-ray eyes saw right through the Wasp BS and never relented on their secret weapon against Anglo-American power, thereby turning blue-blood into blue-state.

Jewish Power wasn’t content to harass and torment Anglo-Americans(and Anglo-Americanized whites) with meritocracy and fair play alone because such rules could limit Jewish Power as well. In order for Jews to attain limitless power, it was necessary to burden White America not only with the betrayal of meritocracy and fair play in the past but with the ‘guilt’ of persistent inequalities(or ‘inequities’ in fashionable speak) in the present, at least in regards to blacks. So, it doesn’t matter if whites earnestly rooted out racial discrimination. If blacks continue to lag in some fields, whites are still to blame and MORE is expected of them in cuckery, concessions, and obeisance. That way, whites are indefinitely chained to ‘white guilt’, rendering them morally, emotionally, and spiritually beholden to blacks and Jews(who control black politics).

Sincere fairness(on the part of whites) could also be harmful to Jewish Supremacist interests. If whites must atone for past ‘white supremacism’, the moral logic of such argument would mean whites are obliged to condemn racial or ethnic supremacism of all kinds. For the sake of fairness and equal justice, it means whites mustn’t favor Jews over Palestinians or do the insane bidding of Jewish-Zionist supremacists against Russia, Iran, Syria, and etc. If white ‘racism’ was bad, then Jewish supremacism must also be condemned, but then Jewish Power will be limited(and may even go the way of WASP power).
So, even as Jews torment the white conscience about past white ‘racism’, it is never to make whites fair to ALL sides. Rather, it is to morally paralyze whites and reduce them to pathetic guilt-ridden cucks seeking the ‘wise’ advice for atonement and redemption. As Jews control the academia and media, they get to tell whites what-is-to-be-done, which usually boils down to sucking up to Jews, homos, and blacks. Ever notice the question is always about the ‘right of Israel to exist’ than about how the creation of Israel wiped Palestine off the map and denied its right of existence?

Now, in what ways do the words of Putin and Tlaib, for all their potency, fall short, and how are their words compromised by the grim political realities of our time?

Tlaib is truly in a thorny situation. She is the lone Palestinian-American politician in Congress in a country that is resolutely pro-Zionist and anti-Palestinian(as well as anti-Arab in general). She gets NO love from anyone. Donald Cuck Trump lambasted her while showering praise and money on Israel that in 2020 cozied up to Joe Biden, the US president with the most Jews buzzing all around him. Given the Jewish antipathy to Trump, one might think he might have some sympathy for Palestinians, but he made his fortune in New York, aka Jew York. Also, despite all the Jewish revulsion for the MAGA populist crowd, good many of Trump supporters were mentally molded by Jewish media & entertainment and Christian Zionism(as a kind of safety valve for their repressed white nationalist consciousness, i.e. if whites can’t root for themselves, they can at the very least root for ‘white’ Jews against ‘brown’ Arabs). And there’s also the sentimentality factor as Trump surely became golf buddies with many Jews in finance, real estate, and entertainment. Jews look upon MAGA folks exactly the way they do upon the Palestinians. Jews want Palestinians in the West Bank replaced by Jewish settlers, and they want whites in US and EU to reduced to minorities as the result of massive influxes of foreigners and of interracism(especially of the Afro-Colonization of White Wombs kind).

There’s nothing in the academia, media, entertainment, and/or Jewish intellectual/spiritual circles to remind Jews constantly that it’s their moral imperative to be nice to whites, care about whites, support whites, defend whites, and pledge allegiance to whites. If anything, Jewish consciousness about whites mainly revolves around (1) how to get revenge on whites (2) how to destroy True Christianity as the bedrock of European civilization (3) how to prevent the revival of white consciousness that may rival Jewish Power (4) how to ensure white interests always being subordinate to Jewish Power.

In other words, even as Jews extensively co-exist with white goyim in the West, the relation isn’t grounded in love, trust, appreciation, and reciprocity. (There is an element of admiration for white history and achievements but often entwined with envy and/or fear.) Jews primarily regard whites as a source of danger, a potential threat. Thus, Jews obsess about how to manipulate and control white goyim, much like a lion-or-bear tamer always approaches his animal property with trepidation — what if the animals want to follow their own nature and do their own thing and stop obeying the tamer as master?

In contrast, of course, whites have been led to regard and approach Jews with praise, wonderment, adoration, reverence, eternal guilt(as ‘anti-Semitic Christians’ and/or Nazis or Nazi-collaborators), and infinitude of spiritual indebtedness. Jews are supposedly owed all this not only because the Shoah was the greatest tragedy in cosmic history but because Jews are pretty much the source of all the great things white folks have. It goes like this: No Jews, no God. No Jews, no Jesus(as He was a Jew too, along with all the Apostles). Without Jews such as Moses, whites would have no morality, no laws. Without Jews, whites would have no spirituality as their indigenous pagan kind was third-rate crap(but then Jews are to be revered for superhero comic fantasies based on goy pagan mythology). No Jews, no medicine. No Jews, no nuclear power. No Jews, no nothing. Jews are so awesome in every way, you see, but whites committed the greatest crime against the greatest people.

Therefore, whites must bow their heads and beg forgiveness when they aren’t fawning over Israel and singing hosannas to all things Jewish, even pretending Barbara Streisand is some kind of sex symbol. A Jew among Jews would be deemed a moron if he expressed sympathy for and trust in goyim, but a white among whites would be eviscerated for expressing the slightest doubt about the greatness, holiness, and awesomeness of Jews. (If some Jews really do bad, whites must always make sure to refer to them as anything but Jews. Call them ‘neocons’ or ‘globalists’ for example, and after doing so, always demonstrate that you’re not an ‘Anti-Semite’ by hailing Israel and denouncing fantasy Nazis.) Given this fact of white mass mentality, Trump couldn’t be anti-Jewish even if he wanted. He wouldn’t merely be up against Jewish power and white cucks in the Democratic Party but even MAGA Christian Zionist morons who’d would be howling at him.

The biggest obstacle for Putin and Russia is the anxiety about naming the Jewish Power. Such stark silence is proof that Russians do know that the real controllers of the West are Jews who, even as of now, are too powerful to mention. Perhaps, the Russian government fears that Jewish Power will go all in against Russia if it is named. In other words, Jewish anti-Russian hostility, extreme as it is, may be around 70% of operational capacity. But, if Putin and his cohorts were to go all the way and blurt out the whole truth, Jews will go 100% against Russia, or treat Russia like Kanye West. Elon Musk, for one, fears the full brunt of Jewish Power, which still hasn’t gone 100% against him. Against Trump, Jews went in around 90% and totally crushed him.
But then, Kanye West is just a rapper with a hyped up celebrity. And Musk and Trump operate within the West and are thus vulnerable to Jewish machinations, both ‘legal’ and financial. Given the extreme, indeed unprecedented, measures that Jewish-controlled West pushed following the Russian attack on the Kiev regime, could it be that Russians are overestimating Jewish power and reach? Do Jews really have many more options left to harm Russia, which thus far has weathered the storm? After all, unlike Germany and Japan in World War II, Russia isn’t reliant on other parts of the world for most of its needs.

Russians are right to worry that, given the impact of Holocaustianity and general Jew-Worship in the West, white Americans and Europeans will be even more rabid in their anti-Russian vitriol if Putin expressed anything that could be construed as ‘antisemitism’. Besides, Putin had carefully tailored Russia’s image over the past two decades to be Jewish-friendly and close to Israel in deference, cynical or not, to the Western Narrative that hold Jews to be near-holy as a wise and tragic people. Even though Jews hardly express any sympathy or appreciation for all the Russian lives sacrificed in World War II, Russians conformed to the Western norm of paying endless tributes to the Holocaust as the worst evil of WWII, even more than the war on Russia. So, what did Russians get out of it? Nothing in the way of favors from Jews who’d been vilifying Russia ever since Putin consolidated his power against the most egregious Jewish oligarchs.

Still, even if Russians get no love from Jews(who even heap abuse on white Americans who’ve done so much for them), they might fear even higher levels of hatred(and indeed Jewish hatred can be downright pathological, especially warped by moral narcissism). For example, if someone hates and abuses you and there’s no chance he’ll reciprocate your niceness, there’s still the chance that he’ll abuse and beat you even harder if you don’t suck up to him. All these years, it seems Russian choices in regard to Jews were (1) show World Jewry some respect and be kicked around & spat upon and (2) show World Jewry no respect and be kicked even harder & beaten with a baseball bat. So, the best that Russia could get out of showing Jews respect was to be kicked around a bit less. There’s no chance that Russian consideration for Jewish historical suffering will be reciprocated with Jewish consideration for Russian historical suffering. If Russians, like Solzhenitsyn, say “We were sometimes wrong, but you Jews were sometimes wrong too, so let’s try to understand each other better and bury the hatchet”, the Jewish response is pure rage as the ONLY ACCEPTABLE consensus is “Russians were always wrong toward Jews, and Jews were never ever wrong.” Jews have the God-complex, but then their tribal character was projected onto YHWH, the always perfect Being.

Putin’s continuing reluctance to spell out the true nature of Western hostility(so totally rooted in Jewish control) suggests that Russia still operates in this mode. Why the fear when, as some have argued, the Jewish-controlled West pulled all the stops to destroy Russia in the Ukraine War(which is really Russo-Jewish War) and failed? If Jews threw everything at Russia but Russia remains standing, shouldn’t Russia repay the Jews in kind? Perhaps, the Jewish War against Russia isn’t only at 70% or 80% operational capacity but 100%, and Jews really did fail to destroy Russia. If so, Russia should go into anti-Jewish juggernaut mode and counter-declare war on Jewish Supremacism.

Perhaps, Russian restraint can be understood through its key partnerships with China and India. While Chinese are also upset with Jews, the world economy still depends on Jewish-Chinese dealings. As for India, which has thus far shunned Western pressures for anti-Russian sanctions, it too is playing a double game. On the one hand, it maintains the historical understanding with Russia(built up during the Cold War), but on the other, so many Hindus became economically prominent by dealing with Jews who control the West. If Russia were to come out hard against Jews, India might come under even more pressure to sanction Russia, or else lose its opportunities in the West that is so totally under Jewish Control.

And this brings us to a problem with Putin’s rather antiquated division of the World between the ‘imperialist’ West and the Rest, aka the Global South + China + Russia. Given that Anti-Russian hostilities all stem from the West while the so-called Global South has more or less refrained from an outright condemnation of Russia’s actions, as well as from joining in the sanctions regimen, one is tempted to agree with Putin’s assessment of world affairs at first glance. The West(the US, Canada, Australia, Western & Central Europe, Japan & the East Asian Pussies) against Russia, China, and Iran, with many countries of South America, Africa, Middle East, and Southeast Asia refusing to take sides, which is to Russia’s advantage as it’s the West pressuring them to be anti-Russian than Russia pressuring them to be pro-Russian(and anti-West).


Perhaps, the attitudes of the Global South is due to the US-as-lone-superpower fatigue; they’re tired of the US pushing the whole world around with money and military power. Or maybe, as Putin indeed hinted, it has to do with the accelerating decadence and degeneracy of the West. It was one thing for the US to promote democracy, free markets, Hollywood, and Rock music. But Globo-Homo as the official cult of the West?

It could also be the product of some degree of confusion and frustration in the Global South. Love it or hate it, the West was once synonymous with white(and Christian) power. But as the Chinese and Russians know but don’t say it out loud, the current West is controlled by Jews with the white elites reduced to a bunch of worthless cuck monkeys. How is the Global South supposed to respond to a West where whites, the former owners & masters, have been reduced to mental and managerial servants of Jews who, for all their great wealth and power, refuse to show themselves as the true masters?

That said, Putin’s formulation of the West vs the Rest belongs to the 20th century, especially the first half, and the 19th century. One thing for sure, the West’s relation with China since the 1980s is hardly comparable to what it had been in the 19th and early 20th centuries. One could argue that the Western globalist elites have been exploiting China’s vast pool of cheap labor, but they also allowed China to grow economically by leaps and bounds within the US-led system. Perhaps, such ‘kindness’ was a way to turn China into a big Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, or South Korea. As the US lacked direct control over China, the kind exerted on Japan-Taiwan-and-South-Korea, perhaps US elites thought China could be wooed into becoming a seamless part of the globalist system, especially through the influence of so many Chinese students indoctrinated with the ‘Western’ way in American(and British) universities. At any rate, China’s recent rise couldn’t have been possible if the West’s attitude was a mere continuation of past imperialist arrogance(and naked exploitation).
It’s also worth mentioning that Russia was more than willing to join the Western economic system AS LONG AS the West didn’t press upon Russia too hard on political and cultural matters. The severance of ties between the West and Russia wasn’t the result of Russian protestation of Western exploitation of the Global South but the West’s inability to overcome the pressures of its Jewish Masters’ rabid and virulent hatred for Russia. In other words, Russia was forced to choose the Global South over the West.

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Furthermore, there’s the question of who is invading, colonizing, and exploiting whom in the current era? Recently, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni denounced the France of Emmanuel Macron for its hypocrisy. For all of Macron’s professed concern for African refugees(rejected by Meloni’s Italy), she pointed out that it was French neo-colonialism that keeps Black Africa poor and under-developed, which is why black Africans become migrants headed towards Europe. It was effective as rhetoric but hardly convincing as reality. While it’s true that Europe still does take advantage of Black Africa, it is because black Africans have proven themselves useless in managing their own affairs. After all, plenty of Chinese and Hindus also operate in Africa in a manner that could be construed as neo-colonialism. This wouldn’t be an issue if blacks could manage things on their own.

Besides, the African migrant crisis far exceeds whatever France may be doing to countries like Burkino Faso as it is a continent-wide problem. Even African countries untouched by French ‘exploitation’ produce tons of migrants headed up north. Sweden doesn’t have much of a history of imperialism over nonwhite lands, but migrants target it as well, not least because Swedes are such simple-minded soulless saps who fall for sham Jewish Morality about ‘diversity’ as the new sacrament.

Over the last decades, it’s Europe that has come under colonization by the nonwhite world. To an extent, the mass migration has resulted from Wars for Israel pushed by Jews and rubber-stamped by the Cuck-West, but during the Syrian Crisis, only one-fourth or one-third of the migrants entering Europe were actual Syrians. Countless non-Syrians merely claimed to be ‘Syrian’ to gain entry.

The main reason for Europe’s inability to say NO to this invasion is Jewish control of the goy elites, as well as the hearts-and-minds of the average white goyim who live by the dictum “Jews Decree, Whites Agree”. Thus, the West’s colonization by the non-West is due to its prior colonization by Jews, which only complicates matters. Contra Putin, the reality is not so simple as the Narrative of the West practicing neo-imperialism against the Rest. Contra people like Ann Coulter and Douglas Murray, it’s not so simple as the Narrative of the West now being colonized by the Rest. Rather, the West consents to the current reality of being invaded because it has already been colonized by Jews intellectually, morally, and even ‘spiritually’, whereby the new demons are ‘racism’ and ‘xenophobia’ and the new angels are ‘inclusion’ and ‘diversity’(which however are suppressed in Israel for some reason with the full blessing of the West).


If indeed nothing has fundamentally changed in the relations between the West and the Rest, why is London now 60% non-British? Why are Hindus the biggest property owners in London? Why did BLM spread like wildfire in the UK, and why are people in Britain, whites and nonwhites alike, attacking statues and monuments of past glory? Why has ‘wokeness’ spread far and wide even in the most elitist and hierarchical British universities? Why is blackness treated as something near-sacred by so many Britons, top to bottom?

And what of France with its burgeoning Arab/Muslim and black African populations? There are suburbs of Paris that now look like the Third World? Marseilles is now majority nonwhite. The French soccer team is black, like much of British boxing. Indeed, all across Europe, there’s hardly anything like European pride and white identity to be found. Nowadays in the West, the term ‘pride’ has become synonymous with glory to homos and trannies. ACOWW(or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs) is now a big part of the US and Europe, what with countless TV shows, commercials, movies, and educational instructions featuring the ‘ideal’ matching of black male and white female… while the white male is expected to accept the ‘new normal’ with total cuckish delight(lest he be denounced as ‘racist’ for opposing interracism).

For all of Putin’s remarks, the US and the European West have been far more open to mass invasion-colonization by nonwhite hordes. Some may argue that many of these people from the Third World come to do menial jobs and remain poor. But it’s no less true that many have become rich, even famous. Some have gained top jobs in the realm, with even the supposedly ‘conservative’ Tories in the UK celebrating the replacement of whites by Hindus and blacks. In contrast, the general image of Russia is that of an overwhelmingly white country, and even its Muslim population in the Caucasus are whiter than those in the Middle East.

Of course, one could argue that even the most successful nonwhites in the West are little more than ‘servitors of the empire’, essentially comprador elites who’ve joined the West in impoverishing, exploiting, exploding, and corrupting the Rest; they took their thirty pieces of silver from WEF and work against the interests of their own kind back home.

But then, are these nonwhite ‘collaborators’ really puppets of White Power or are they shills of Jewish Power? If they have one thing in common with white goyim, it’s that both groups are cuck dogs of Jewish Power. Thus, it isn’t so much a case of ‘the West vs the Rest’ but the fusion of whites and nonwhites in the West as lapdogs of the Jews. What do Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss have in common in the UK, along with Keir Starmer of the Labour Party? White or nonwhite, man or woman, they are cuck maggots of Jewish Power.

And even though much of the Rest may appreciate Russia(and China)’s counterbalance to the overbearing West(especially as the instrument of obsessively aggressive and intrusive Jews), the fact remains that many aspiring individuals all across the Rest still look to the West as the favored destination for education, profession, and habitation. So, even as India has close ties with Russia on the national level, countless Indians have moved to Europe, Australia, Canada, and the US to rise in the world. And Hindus are among the richest people in the UK and the US, and many work with Jews in Big Tech to suppress pro-white voices.

Such Hindus in the West may be looked upon with distrust(and even disgust) by people who actually run India. Or perhaps India is playing a clever game by working both systems. Keep close to Russia as leverage against China and the US(and also buy oil at a discount) but also send many Indians to the Anglosphere and gain access and opportunities as a means of expanding the reach of Hindu business networks and political ties. Indeed, even in the ‘bad old days’ of the British Empire, Hindus and Muslims in India did gain lots of advantages by operating within the global framework as devised by the British.

So, it’s not as simple as Putin lays out, especially because the West has gone a long way to diversity itself in the name of ‘diversity, inclusion, and equity’, which really boils down to the official idolatry of Jews, blacks, and homos, BUT the fact remains globalism has also made the West, from US to Canada to Australia to UK to EU(as well as the ‘honorary west’ of Japan and East Asian Pussies), to accept vast numbers of nonwhites, some of whom(especially among the Hindus) have gained elite positions and considerable influence in business circles, often revolving around Jew-Hindu partnership(though there may be increased Jew-Hindu competition as well, and it’s just possible that Hindus could use the ‘Anglo Guilt’ card effectively because of the 200 yrs of British Rule over India, which led to the rise of Gandhi as perhaps the first great political saint of the 20th century, which became a template for others, especially MLK).

Given Putin’s dependence on non-white giants like China and Japan and the so-called Global South in his titanic struggle with the Jewish-infested Collective West, it’s understandable why he framed the conflict between Russia and the US as one of neo-Anglo-imperialism vs the nonwhites of the world(and Russians) yearning to be free of globalist hegemonism, but ultimately his rhetoric is politics than reality.
He is correct that most of Europe is now politically zero in terms of sovereignty as it is a complete whore of the US, which in turn is a complete whore to Jewish Supremacism, aka ‘Neocon-ism’(or Neo-Cohnism). But the fact remains nonwhites inside and outside the US, Canada, and EU see more of an opportunity for empowerment and enrichment in the Collective West than elsewhere.

Indeed, this was obviously illustrated by Barack Obama’s hostility towards Russia. While Russia didn’t import black slaves or profit from the slave trade(and has no history of Jim Crow and the like), it remains Russian-nationalist and devoid of ‘white guilt’. So, even though Russia isn’t anti-black, it can’t be milked by blacks either for reparatory special privileges. In contrast, whites in the West are so cucked with ‘white guilt’(as well as with jungle fever and jungle faith, respectively sexual attraction and spiritual fascination with Magical Negroes) that they were willing to elect someone like Obama(product of ACOWW) for the top position. (Likewise, Jews hate Russia more than Germany even though Germany carried out the Holocaust while Russians defeated Nazi Germany because Jews have control over Germany through ‘German guilt’ whereas no comparable Jewish emotional weapon against Russia exists. It’s all about control.) Whites in the US are so cucked that they hold up BLM signs even as blacks burn down cities and attack innocent whites. So, even though the US and the West in general have a long history of violence toward and exploitation of blacks, the whites there have been lobotomized and castrated into Jew-Worship, Negrolatry, and globo-homo. Obama also understood that globo-homo was useful to black power insofar as it favors minority prestige over majority norms. As homos and blacks are minorities in the West(along with Jews), LGBTQXYZ and BLM go hand in hand against majority power.

In contrast, Russia’s pushback against globo-homo suggests its national values are invested in the norms of the majority, and that very concept is threatening to men like Obama whose sense of racial entitlement depends on the minority being favored over the majority. Despite America’s racial past, the fact is it elected Obama as president. Lloyd Austin the Negro is the top general, and BLM-CRT is the official ideology of the US military.

Now, imagine such a thing happening in Russia where all the top leaders are whites(or mostly white)! Obama’s outlook is likely shared by many blacks in Africa and Europe. So, even if, on the national level, African(and other nonwhite) countries have much to gain from good relations with Russia as a model of resistance against Western hegemony, on the individual level they have far more to gain from the Collective West that is increasingly looking like a giant white beached whale for the Rest to feast upon.